Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New work

Marvel Heroes and Villains cards from Rittenhouse Archives Ltd., are now on sale. Unfortunately me being a 6 case incentive artist means to get one of my cards you have to buy 6 cases. Unless you want to get them off of Ebay. I'll be working on 2 sets one of which is still in the hush hush stages but the other is Lady Death. Which I'm excited to work on. Time to look up references and get to work.

In 2 weeks on Halloween weekend (Oct29-31st) I will be at artist alley at the Long Beach Comic Con. I will be doing commissions on sketch cards, comic variant blank covers as well as 11"x17" if anyone is interested. Stop by if you can.

- Lak

Monday, August 30, 2010

Marvel 70th Commission

I'm now working on Hack/Slash for 5FINITY Productions. As well as doing commission work. I also just recently put up on Ebay a Marvel 70th Anniversary Artist Proof for commission. Anyone interested can check out the link below. You may have to copy/paste if the link doesn't work. Thanks in advance.

- Lak

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Going Incentive

I was recently informed that I will be an INCENTIVE ARTIST for Rittenhouse Archives next upcoming project MARVEL HEROES AND VILLAINS. What does this mean exactly? Well for one thing, all my cards will come with a sticker identifying it as an incentive card. It will also be harder to find one of my cards. Basically its just a bonus card you have a chance of getting when you open a pack of Marvel Heroes and Villains. What does it mean for me? I guess it means I'm moving up in the sketch card world lol.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New video hosting site

Anyone interested in a free hosting site or just want to check out some free streaming movies can visit Its almost like youtube in that you can join for free and upload stuff you want and share it with others visiting the site. Theres literally hundreds of movies to watch. Check it out, you might like it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Today is Valentine's Day BUT it also happens to be CHINESE NEW YEARS as well. The Chinese calender follows the lunar calender, so the new year doesn't occur on the same day each year. This is the year of the TIGER which happens to be my zodiac sign. I am in an organization that performs the traditional Chinese Lion Dance that is pretty much common during the new year. On February 21st in Chinatown in Los Angeles, you can see Chinese Lion Dancing for most of the day. Its an annual charity event that raises money for the local Chinese school there. I've participated in the event as a Lion Dancer for many years now and will be a part of it again this year. So if your in the neighborhood, stop by and see some culture.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sketch Card Mania

Since about October of last year, I've been pretty busy with sketch card work. I've done work on Cheerleaders vs Zombies, Moonstone Maximum, and Voltron for 5FINITY. Iron Man 2 Movie sketch cards for UpperDeck and Marvel's 70th Anniversary sketch cards for Rittenhouse Archives. I got a week break after recently finishing my Voltron sketch cards. Then more sketch card work came. I am not allowed to announce the upcoming card sets that I'll be working on but theres 5 sets in total thats going to keep be busy till June. Its alot more sketch cards than I have ever done. But I guess its good to be busy. I'll reveal the projects I'm on, once I get the OK to do so.

- Lak